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We are a local, veteran owned, family business, serving Johnson County and the surrounding area with over 20 years experience in the propane industry.  Owner, Larry Hearn, serves as a board memeber of the Texas Propane Gas Association, allowing us to stay ahead of market trends and techinlogical advances, making us a competitive leader in the propane industry. 

We offer an Auto-Fill Program which allows us to monitor your tank level and automatically schedule a delivery which takes the burden off the customer of remembering to order gas.  With the Auto-Fill propgram you also get a $.10 per gallon discount on your propane.  We also offer Senior Citizens (55 and older), Veterans, and First Responders a Discount of $.05 per gallon off residential deliveries. We sell and install tanks of all sizes for Commercial, Residential, and Agricultural applications.

We offer Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Services. We want to be your propane company, let us save you money, call us the next time you need propane. We DO NOT add HazMat fees or fuel recovery fees to the bottom line, like other propane companies. The price we quote is the price you will pay. 


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