Propane Tank Monitors and Leasing in North Central Texas

propane tanks & monitors

Count on Yellow Rose Propane for your tank needs!

To enjoy all the benefits of propane in your Dallas-Fort Worth-area home, you need a propane tank.

Yellow Rose Propane makes having a tank easy with our propane tank sales and installation and our wireless propane tank monitoring services.

Use a wireless tank monitor for ultimate peace of mind

Say goodbye to worrying about running out of propane with wireless propane tank monitoring! The Otodata tank monitor continuously measures the propane level in your tank and promptly transmits the information to Yellow Rose Propane using wireless and cellular technology similar to your smartphone’s. When your propane level reaches a specific point, the monitor notifies us (and you, through the Otodata app), and we schedule a propane delivery to ensure that you never run out of propane. You don’t have to do a thing!

Propane tank leasing makes having a tank easy

Owning your propane tank is great, but it comes with a lot of up-front costs, including purchase and installation. Once your purchased tank is installed, you’re also on the hook for all maintenance and repair costs.

Leave all that behind with propane tank leasing from Yellow Rose Propane! We offer safe, inspected propane tanks in our full range of sizes. We’ll handle the installation and take care of all maintenance and repairs, so you have peace of mind about your propane tank.

No matter which size propane tank you lease, it’s only $200 per year. You also are automatically enrolled in wireless propane tank monitoring, Auto Fill automatic delivery and AutoPay.

Eligible customers must be using propane for whole-house heating, or water heating and several other propane appliances, with a minimum annual usage of 300 gallons a year.

propane tanks & monitorsWireless tank monitoring not only improves our service quality, but also ensures a seamless propane supply for all our valued customers. It enables us to efficiently plan and manage propane deliveries. As a result, we can serve a larger number of customers each day while maintaining availability for emergency delivery services.

Get worry-free propane tank sales and installation

We sell and install a full range of propane tank sizes, from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons, so whether you use propane only for cooking or if you have lots of propane appliances, our experts will make sure you get the tank that meets your needs.

When you switch to Yellow Rose Propane, you get a FREE propane safety inspection.

Many of our customers like having their tank underground, so we provide both underground and aboveground installation.

We also offer expert propane tank maintenance and repair services.

Enjoy comfort and convenience with propane tank services from Yellow Rose Propane. Become a customer today!