Propane Tank Monitor Services in Fort Worth, Dallas and Johnson County, TX

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Your worries about having enough propane will be over once Yellow Rose Propane installs your new Otodata wireless propane tank monitor. Because your propane tank is located outdoors, there is no need for you to be present during installation.

The monitor utilizes cutting-edge wireless and cellular technology, like that found in smartphones, to provide real-time, round-the-clock updates on the propane level in your tank.

As soon as your tank gauge reaches a designated level, Yellow Rose Propane is notified. We then immediately schedule a propane delivery, ensuring that your tank is refilled without any effort required on your part.

The Otodata app also notifies you when your tank gauge reaches that set level and sends you a notification when the delivery is made.

What benefits do wireless tank monitors give me?

tanks & monitors

No matter how you use propane in your home, whether it’s just for your water heater or range or for many propane appliances, including pool and spa heaters, wireless propane tank monitoring makes always having propane in your North Central Texas home easy and hassle-free!

Nevertheless, there are certain customers who will find wireless propane tank monitoring from Yellow Rose Propane to be especially important. Here are some examples:

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